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How to use PDO database connection in PHP

As we all know that in PHP 5.5 MySQL is deprecated and we have to move new extensions like MyQLi or PDO (PHP Data Objects) for database integration, we have already publish an article on How to use MySQLi_connect PHP and this article will explain you how to connect with MySQL database using PDO connection and we explain very few things in this tutorial like database connection, insert, delete, update and select queries with prepare statement, multiple insert and error handling.

How to Hashing Password in PHP 5.5 with Password Hashing API

This tutorial show you how to hashing passwords in PHP 5.5 with hashing API. There is a large number of web developers using old and less secure algorithm like MD5 and SHA1 encryption etc but these are assumed as open strings and not called encrypted. In this new hashing API it uses bcrypt (its a key derivation function for passwords). In this article we are going to explore PHP's new hashing API.

How to create CAPTCHA image verification in PHP and jQuery

Captcha is the simple verification on your web forms that the user is a human or a computer. Its used to prevent spammers on your website. If you use captcha on your web forms its hard for spam bots to submit data to web site. The reason to write this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create captcha image in your application using PHP and jQuery.

How to Hide your Email Address from spam bots

How to Hide your Email Address from spam bots

As a Web Developer you have to mention your email address in contact us pages or any pages and now days spam bots can easily copy that emails and send spam promotions on your email address, so in this article I am going to show you few settings in which no any spam bot can get your actual email and failed to spam your inbox. Have a look on blow explanation and integrate in your web applications.

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