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How to Create Custom Application for Facebook Pages

Fan pages on Facebook is very useful for business and brands to reach many people on social networks. On Facebook there is very few applications like Photos, Videos and Events, if you want to add more application like contact us and welcome page and as many as you can. This tutorial will explain you how to add application step by step. See Tutorial

How to create a comment system with jQuery

Comments is very useful for your website where users can give there feedback suggestion and discuss problems with us so for that i have decided that to create a comments system in jQuery where page cannot reload but your comment posted. See Tutorial

How to implement jquery Timeago with php

In social media we can see that posting time changes frequently seconds ago, minutes ago and hours ago etc, so today i am going to write a tutorial on timeago jquery and its easy implementation with php. Please follow the instruction given in download package to implement it in your web applications. See Tutorial